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Am I Enough?

Do you know who you are? Really? Asking the question, “Am I Enough?” invites you to find out for yourself. And accept yourself for the truth of Who You Really Are.

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The "Don't Know" Mind

What tomorrow will bring? Nobody knows. That’s the greatest, most freeing thing. Find comfort in the “don’t know” mind. Find presence. You don’t know, and that’s okay.

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Negative Thoughts

As negative thoughts are inserted into our mind, it can be like a daily injection of poison. This class uses Mantra to “protect the mind” as you go through a moving meditation. 

Hello. I'm Sariah

I know what it’s like to be so confused, shut down, and hurt. I also know what it’s like to move beyond.

Through the body, we learn about ourselves. What we do. How we react. What our patterns of holding are. Through the body, we wake up. We move from being unconscious to conscious. We stop living life “out there” and start living life “here”. Through the body we can heal.

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What You Get

Lessons from an expert

Sariah is severely qualified in this stuff. She has done lots of training, and had lots of clients who all love her, and she reads SO MUCH.

Yoga on the go

The great thing about yoga videos is you can do them whenever and wherever so you can fit it around your schedule.

So many classes

We have a large archive of classes and are continually adding to them. You'll be able to find flows that work for you.

Courses tailored to you

We've organized our classes so you can find a class that you need quick and easy. They're organized by length, difficulty, and emotion.

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“I am able to process hard situations in my life much better”

Bird Flanigan