Hi. I'm Sariah

My Story

When I was younger, I used to think life would be easy. All I needed to do was check the boxes, do what I was told to do, and I’d live happily ever after.

I got married the first time right out of High School. I had no idea who I was. I had no idea how to do a relationship. I had no idea what I was getting myself in to. The relationship didn’t last a year before it ended.

It was Sad. Heartbreaking. And Embarrassing.

I was married shortly after. Thinking “who in their right mind would marry me now? I’m 19 and already divorced.” Shame. That’s who was talking. I still didn’t know who I was. I still had no idea how to do a relationship. I still had no idea what I was getting myself into.

This marriage lasted seven years. And with it came two of my most favorite people (my boys) who I am grateful for over and over every day. What also came with it was Confusion. Anger. Frustration. Heartache. And Pain.

This marriage ended with me thinking I was not worthy of love. I must not be hard enough to work for. I must be a huge failure. From this mental state, I fell in love with a man who was Manipulative, Abusive, and Unfaithful. Needless to say, I lost myself. Completely.

I was Numb. Scared. And Falling. Flailing. Losing.

To The Rescue

I took my first 1000 hr Yoga Therapy Training in 2012. And, although I went to almost every weekend, my physical body was there, but my emotional body was thinking about what he was doing at home? I thought that if I texted him the whole time. Let him know how much I loved him. Hurried home right after class. He wouldn’t have time to do anything that would hurt me.

I was wrong.

And, at the end of my divorce, found that I needed to take the entire training over again and this time with the intention of helping people learn to listen to their bodies. In 2014 I retrained the 1000 hours and added on another 200. Completing my 1200 Yoga Therapy Certification in September 2017.

My body had been talking to me for years. Yelling. Screaming at me to LISTEN! Something is wrong here. I thought I was wrong. I thought my body was wrong. I thought if I just try harder, I can make anything work.

Towards the end of my last marriage, in the lost state, my body saved me. Without consciously thinking of what I was doing, I started noticing where my feet were planted on the ground when I was being talked at for how horrible I was. I started noticing my breath and found that if I could calm my heart, I would be able to see things clearly.

That is what saved me. In the end, My Body Saved Me.

Where I am now

I have been in recovery for four years. Recovery of what you ask? Recovery from life, my friends, because Life. Is. Hard.

I have been able to take my experiences of life and combine them with my daily practice of yoga to provide myself stability and safety Here In My Body.

I LOVE my body and have found a relationship that allows for it to speak its truth. I am able to hold myself in compassion as I experience new things.

And my favorite part is that I have been able to create, through my learning and experiences, ways to help others. Getting them in touch with their bodies. Their breaths. Their truth.

My desire is to help you. To give you hope, within yourself, to find you.

Certified Through the Yoga Alliance

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2000+ hours of Yoga Therapy Training

Certified through INBody Academy with 1200hr Yoga Therapy Certification.

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