On Saturday, February 23, 2019, I was able to spend the day at Utah Coalition Against Pornography. People from different states came to participate in the learning and growing of how to heal from Betrayal Trauma and Sexual Addiction.

What an amazing day it was!

One thing I wanted to share was this:

I was speaking with a male who has worked with sexual addiction for years. He has participated in UCAP for the last four years, attending the workshops and learning the latest ideas of how to heal the mind. As I was finishing my conversation with him, he mentioned that he has learned fascinating information from experts¬†with different ideas and techniques to overcome addiction. But my favorite part was when he mentioned that the body doesn’t have different ways or ideas of healing. It simply requires you create relationship with it, and that is what heals the mind and the body together.


I love truth.

Yoga heals. It is divine alchemy when you can live in synchronization with your thoughts, your words, and your actions. Yoga is a mirror to your life. And only when you can see yourself clearly, can you begin to change it. Heal it.

That is Yoga.
That is healing.

I love you,

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