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Now, in real life, I wish I knew how to speak Portuguese (and perhaps I should learn). More importantly as he tells me this story I am feeling the truth of his words.

You see, I have a VERY HARD TIME using the language of Yoga. The language that I preach, and teach, and encourage other people to practice. I do my best to live this language, but when it comes to using my voice, speaking my language, asking for what I need or want. I don’t.

My negative belief system says I shouldn’t ask for anything. It says that I should be grateful anybody would put up with me. I don’t want to be the “needy” girl. My pattern, and job, has always been to make sure everybody else is happy. I’ll give and give and give and give some more. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE GIVING, and LOVING! So it’s easy for me, but sometimes I feel this deep need or want in my heart, and I Just. Can’t. Form. the words to ask for it.

So he’s telling me his dream. And I am agreeing with him, that it speaks truth. I am refusing to use the Language that I know.

For a few weeks now I have felt the desire to ask him to pay a little more attention to me. I am in a place of somatic memory (this time of year brings it up) and have felt more insecure then I usually do. Plus, I have been in a relationship now for almost five months, and it is actually good. And my heart is having a hard time believing it could be true. Insecure. I am needing security. A little more attention. A little more affection.

But I tell myself I am a whole pizza. And shouldn’t need anything from anybody else.

So I don’t ask.

To ask would be to use the Language of Yoga that I teach and preach. I feel bad for how I feel. I try to be understanding of other’s circumstances. I shouldn’t need anything.

So. Much. Negative. Talk!

Here’s the thing. As I am telling him how his dream relates to me, he sits. And is understanding. And holds me in my fears. And asks me to ask for what I need. Because he wants to know because he’s still learning how to have a healthy relationship too. And there is no anger. And no denial. And no hard feelings.

Only Love

And as he holds me in this place, when I do use my voice. Even though it is SO! SCARY! I learn that he is safe. I build trust with him more and more. My heart finds a place of peace. And I can once again breathe.

When you use your voice, you see things clearly.

I am still learning and practicing this language. It’s not easy! But so rewarding.

I love you,

Love, Sariah

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    Amy Christean

    I love that! Thank you! It resonates with me because I was just so brave, yet was so nervous and used my voice about my needs just a moment ago and my husband so sweetly responded and it was okay! And I am ok, better than ok. But I hadn’t even processed and realized how amazing it was for me until I read your thoughts! Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Sariah

      You’re welcome! I love when you get to recognize how amazing you are. Super brave! And, isn’t “being okay” the best?!

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    Miss G

    Beautiful. I have a hard time using my voice too. You’re not alone.

    1. Sariah

      I think it’s a common thing… having a hard time using your voice. It’s super scary. And super hard. But totally worth it… after I muster up the courage that is lol

  3. Avatar

    I just find it easier to go without. I’m at a place where I ask for what I need and it gets overlooked , not heard & causes me more frustration and disappointment. Relying on others is hard.

    1. Sariah

      Relying on others is so hard. But here’s the thing. When you use your voice and ask for what you need (which is super hard and very vulnerable) you see clearly how other people can, or can’t hold you in your truth. And then your job, is to see that clearly. And that’s what I sometimes call the “Please God, don’t let this be truth, truth.” And it sucks. And it hurts. But it’s truth…

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