1. Sariah

    You’re welcome! I love when you get to recognize how amazing you are. Super brave! And, isn’t “being okay” the best?!

  • Miss G

    Beautiful. I have a hard time using my voice too. You’re not alone.

    1. Sariah

      I think it’s a common thing… having a hard time using your voice. It’s super scary. And super hard. But totally worth it… after I muster up the courage that is lol

  • Julie

    I just find it easier to go without. I’m at a place where I ask for what I need and it gets overlooked , not heard & causes me more frustration and disappointment. Relying on others is hard.

    1. Sariah

      Relying on others is so hard. But here’s the thing. When you use your voice and ask for what you need (which is super hard and very vulnerable) you see clearly how other people can, or can’t hold you in your truth. And then your job, is to see that clearly. And that’s what I sometimes call the “Please God, don’t let this be truth, truth.” And it sucks. And it hurts. But it’s truth…