Don’t Know Mind

Do you know what tomorrow will bring? Do you know what the next breath will feel like? We don’t. Actually. Nobody knows. That’s the greatest, most freeing thing. Find comfort in the “don’t know” mind. Find presence. Breath. You don’t know. And it’s okay.

Essential Oil: Lavendar
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3 reviews on “Don’t Know Mind”

Avatar Jennifer Kane

A fun practice in staying mindful. REALLY mindful.

Avatar Carla Ludington

Beautiful backdrop, and I LOVED hearing the hummingbirds in the background, it was a beautiful sound to relish in <3

Sariah Sariah

It’s so fun during the warm months to go outside to film. Not so much during the winter time, so relish for these cold months and we’ll go back out as soon as it’s warm. So glad you enjoyed it.

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