Your body and mind are connected

Just like any other organ, your brain is part of your body. You can't move, act, or think without affecting your mind in some way, because they are connected. Sometimes our mind unconsciously creates unhealthy thinking patterns. Yoga helps bring awareness to your patterns, then uses your body to move through. It asks you to question what your body has been trying to tell you, but you've been too distracted to notice. When we quiet our minds and move with intention, we can get back into our bodies and use movement to move past mental roadblocks.

“Your body knows things long before your mind ever does” – Sue Monk Kidd

Yoga can heal emotional wounds

Our emotions—whether they be anxiety, depression, anger, or joy—have an influence on our body. It could be a raised heart rate, or decreased sensory awareness, or tension in your jaw. When we find where it's being held, bring our attention to it, and use yoga to affect it, then healing can take place.

A lot of our emotional wounds have been stored in our body, and we need to move it out. We sometimes get stuck in fight or flight, meaning our body thinks we're in danger even though we aren't. The switch gets left on. Yoga has been shown to help flip the switch back to normal, and get us back into a restful state.

It's science...

You don't just have to take our word for it. There's been some actual research on this stuff. Here's an article from Psychology Today that explains it pretty well.

What You Get

Lessons from an expert

Sariah is severely qualified in this stuff. She's a certified yoga therapist, has 2000+ hours of doing yoga therapy with hundreds of clients, and has more than 10 years of experience teaching yoga.

What impresses me most about Sariah, is her intuition. She's taken everything she's learned from her training, and books, and is able to take it to the next level. She can innately sense what thought you should hold, and what pose you should do that would help your situation.

Classes Designed for you

We usually take a real life situation people are dealing with, and Sariah comes up with a class that would help in that situation.

If you want us to do a class tailored to you, tell us your story, and we'll try and make a class for you.

Intuitive Design

Our classes are organized in a way that will be easy to find what you're looking for. You can choose to sort by mood, length, or difficulty. Our classes come in 10, 20, or 40 minutes, so you can find a class the fits your schedule.


Sure quality usually trumps quantity, but why not have both? We have a lot of classes and are constantly adding more to keep things fresh.