Prana 1


Prana is life…
So many of us walk around in the clouds all day. Forgetting. Wandering. Repeating. Only to do the same thing tomorrow. Prana offers life. A chance to find yourself in this world. As you are today. Prana offers you the opportunity to expand on that knowledge and begin to take control. Find Consciousness. And Breathe. Learn to be where you are. And let go.

Prana is an eight week 20 hour study session (2 1/2 hours weekly) to take a good look at you. We talk about safety and stability, your emotional intelligence, ego identity, our relationships (both with ourself and others), communication, our ability to see clearly and use our intuition and, finally, letting go and letting God (or any higher power you may believe in)
The awareness brought in class is an invitation for you to take the awareness off your mat and start to see yourself in your daily life. What your patterns are. The way you respond to things. We can talk and talk about our problems, but until we start to recognize the patterns we are keeping, nothing will change. As we take a look at the patterns we have set up from wounds in the past, we can observe if they are benefiting us. If they are hurting us or helping us. 
We do a little moving and a little meditation in every class, as an introduction to the topic we will be discussing, and then we will dive deep with information to inform you the way your body might be talking to you. 
In the end, my desire is for you to find TRUTH.
Truth allows you freedom. And freedom is amazing.

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Prana 2


Recovery is Discovery… Now let’s practice, practice, practice. After discovering and learning about our bodies, it is time to put into practice all of the information we have learned. Prana 2 is for those searching for deeper, stronger, more powerful connections to their bodies. Show More

*Each class is unique and is taught according to those present and my intuition.

*These classes are for absolutely anyone of any age, shape or size to experience the many benefits of yoga. No experience or flexibility required. The non-competitive environment emphasizes the quality of your present experience rather than your performance.


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“Prana Yoga has been such an incredible, eye-opening and life changing experience for me. Because of this class I have become more aware of my self, my right to be here and have been able to find my voice. The impact and practice of the techniques I learned from Sariah have transcended what I expected or what I thought possible. Quite simply, this class changed my life.” ~P.W.

“I live with severe anxiety, but thanks to Sariah I can quiet my mind and calm my body. Never before have I felt so connected to myself or felt so much love for myself. I now live life with more awareness, enthusiasm and hope. The work Sariah does has wrought a mighty change on my soul. She has helped me feel joy again, she has helped me be connected to my body again, she has helped me feel alive again. A million thanks will never be enough. Thank you Sariah!” C.N.

“I started with the Prana 1 course while looking for a way to deal with my high anxiety. I have done many different therapies in my life (talk therapy, group therapy, meditation, yoga, hypnosis). I really loved group therapy as well as yoga and this class seemed perfect. Both Prana 1 and 2 have changed my life. I am able to process hard situations in my life much better, as well as the practices to keep myself grounded have been very helpful for me. I have recommended this class to many friends.” ~B.S.

“Prana has been extremely valuable for me in helping me process and make sense of my emotions during very difficult times. I have used the techniques I have learned during my sessions to improve my daily life significantly. I look forward to my sessions all week, and love being with other women that have gone through the same things I am experiencing right now.” ~N.S.